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Paris Delights!

Yeah, Sure, Right

After years of trying to fight the "Paris Hilton" blight upon the face of this earth, we have to give in. Our hopes, and desire to use this as a higher-end, fancy, lingerie site have been squashed for 3 years, and we can't fight the tide any more.

So, we will become another Paris Hilton site, exactly what, we don't know, since she quite nauseates me, looks goofy, and is the worst role model a kid could have outside a drug addicted serial killer. She's so bad, she doesn't even qualify for our Enough Bullshit!!

While I don't believe she is a "bad" person, she's done what years of Married With Children, and other similar shows could only touch on -- give blond bimbos a really, really bad name.

She is a product of our times. No parental controls during her upbringing. She's totally impulsive, without any regard or understanding of the costs ($$ and emotional) of most of the things she does, and uses her looks and sex to get what she wants. Pretty much everything we TRY to teach our daughters NOT to do, an try to get society to not value.

She's no Xena, no Dark Angel, no Buffy, no "hero." In fact, she is really everything Kelly Bundy would have been if she had money, and not a shoe salesman dad. Christina Applegate played a role, for comedy -- Paris Hilton is LIVING IT. Large. She's one of the few that make Jessica Simpson look really brainy!

So with deep regrets, our long-standing hopes for a sexy site have been dashed by the (long on her knees) trash, all because we are "moniker friendly" as the press has started calling it.

Oh, if you are into Paris Hilton, or want to run an adult site, and would like to use this domain name, make us a REAL offer, and we'll consider it. "Paris" is just a dirty word now. As sorry as we feel for Tara Reid is as loathe we feel towards Paris.

Paris, keep your private life PRIVATE! And take some responsibility for your actions, and your things, and how what you do affects others. You are the worst role model out there, and with so many others to choose from, that's saying a lot.